MASE Summer Internship Program 2018


Three students join the MASE Summer Internship Program for it’s third season

Amman, Jordan – July 2018: The MASE Summer Internship Program has filled up! Three bright and ambitious college students join our team for up to three months and experience first-hand designing, building, operating and maintaining retail and utility-scale solar PV plants. Thank you to all 20+ students who submitted applications.

About the MASE Summer Internship Program

The MASE Summer Internship Program is typically organized over a period of three months and is designed to provide interns with hands-on experience in the following fields:

1. Engineering and design of residential and rooftop solar PV systems
2. Engineering and design of utility solar PV systems
3. Regulatory and application management
4. OHSA prudent practices in solar energy
5. Implementation and construction of residential and rooftop solar PV systems
6. Implementation and construction of utility solar PV systems
7. Operations, maintenance and management of company solar asset portfolio
8. Performance analysis and reporting
9. Research and development

The Program’s general requirements are as follows:

  • Ongoing B.S. degree in a technical or engineering subject from a reputable institution
  • Strong technical background
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Current GPA of at least 3.0
  • Fluency in Arabic and English
  • Ability to travel within Jordan

MASE CSR Initiative Launched with Funding of Solar Installation

School Rooftop PV

Ghaza School for Girls 4 Ghaza School for Girls 2

MASE CSR initiative launches with the funding and implementation of a 5 kW rooftop solar PV system for a public school 

Amman, Jordan – July 2017: MASE is pleased to announce the launch of the MASE Advancing Solar CSR Initiative with the funding and implementation of a solar PV rooftop installation with a total capacity of 5 kW installed at the Gaza Secondary School for Girls in the city of Jerash, Jordan .  The solar installation, which was jointly funded by MASE and the IEEE’s Engineering Projects in Community Service Program (EPICS) will generate enough clean energy to offset a monthly average of 750 kWh to meet the school’s electricity requirements.

The solar facility is powered by polycrystalline solar PV modules and connected to the grid through high-efficiency micro-inverters.  The equipment is supported by a specialized aluminum support structure.  MASE’s Operations & Maintenance team will be managing the solar installation to ensure peak performance.

About the MASE Advancing Solar Initiative

The MASE Advancing Solar Initiative is a corporate social responsibility program aimed at advancing MASE’s corporate vision and sustainability values across communities in Jordan and abroad.  The Initiative aims to fund, support, develop and implement solar energy facilities within key impoverished communities, social gatherings and education establishments.  The Initiative also aims to spread awareness of solar energy and to provide opportunities for basic solar installation skill development, vocational training and technical coaching.

The MASE Advancing Solar Initiative is funded by the company’s own resources and executed by its team.

MASE Participates in the CMS 2017 Careers Day



MASE participates in CMS and Bishop’s School 2017 Career’s Day

Amman, Jordan – May 2017: MASE is pleased to announce that it has participated in the Ahliyyah School for Girls (CMS) and Bishop’s School for Boys (Bishop’s School) 2017 Careers Day which took place on CMS premises on Saturday 06 May 2017 and saw the participation of students from both the CMS and Bishop’s schools as well as examples of Jordan’s leading companies.

The 45-minute MASE workshop was carried out by Project Coordinator Sonia Al Zoghoul and was aimed at preparing high-school students for careers in renewable energy.  The session provided the students with real-world examples from a career in solar energy, project implementation, project management as well as an account of Sonia’s own experience with MASE and careers in the renewable energy field in general.  The session also provided CMS and Bishop’s School students with the tools they need to prepare for an education in renewable energy as well as career tips to establish their long-term goals.

MASE looks forward to continued participation in career events organized by CMS and is currently considering several CMS and Bishop’s School candidates for its MASE Summer Internship Program 2017 intake.

About the MASE Summer Internship Program

The MASE Summer Internship Program is a three-month intensive training program aimed at high-school and university students with interest in renewable energy and with a focus on solar.  The Program is designed to compliment classroom education by providing participants with a comprehensive on-the-job experience within an award-winning corporate environment.  The competitive Program and has attracted participation from local Jordanian, regional and international schools and universities including the Hashemite University, University of Jordan, German Jordanian University, Purdue University, Northeastern University, Georgia Tech, Imperial College of London, Coventry University and others.  Applications are submitted through the MASE Career’s Page.