MASE to Operate & Maintain CIM’s Shamsuna Solar PV Plant


MASE signs operations and maintenance contract for Shamsuna 10 MW Solar PV Plant

  • Located in Aqaba, the Plant is part of Jordan’s Round I Renewable Energy Program and a member of IFC’s Seven Sisters
  • MASE will carry out a turn-key O&M services scope 

Amman, Jordan – May 2020: MASE, the leading regional solar operations and maintenance firm, signed a turn-key contract with Catalyst Investment Management (CIM) to operate and maintain the Shamsuna 10 MW Solar PV Plant located within Solar Park I of the Ma’an Development Area in Ma’an, Jordan.  The Plant, owned by CIM, is part of Jordan’s Round I Renewable Energy IPP Program.  It is financed by the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC), acting as mandate lender for the Seven Sisters Program, together with the Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO).

Under the contract, MASE will carry out turn-key operations, maintenance and management services comprising preventative, predictive and corrective maintenance to ensure the plant’s long-term performance and optimal availability.  MASE was selected by CIM as part of a competitive request for proposal process, which involved technical and commercial due diligence carried out by the project lenders and their technical advisers.  The process and subsequent award further cements the bankability of MASE’s solar O&M value proposition and adds upon its rapidly growing operational track record in Jordan.

A case for operating brownfield PV plants in Jordan       

The Shamsuna Solar PV Plant was commissioned in February 2016 and operates under a 20-year PPA with the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO).  The Plant was constructed by Enerray as EPC Contractor, also acting as O&M up until the handover to MASE, as second-term O&M service provider.  The O&M contract with MASE will be one of the first major involvement of a specialized O&M firm in a brownfield utility-scale solar PV plant in Jordan and is expected to set a local contractual and operational precedent for other solar assets opting to decommission the involvement of the EPC Contractor in the longer-term operations and maintenance.



About Catalyst Investment Management

Catalyst Investment Management (also known as Catalyst Private Equity) is a specialized energy and water sector investment management company operating out of Jordan, covering primarily the Middle East and North Africa.

CIM’s goal is to help create, invest in, and grow a world class base of renewable energy projects and value added companies that primarily supply the energy and water treatment sectors. These companies range from project developers and projects, to technology developers, to product developers that will help grow and maintain the region’s vital energy and water sectors. Given the region’s global significance in these sectors, the region becomes a platform for the global market. CIM partners with international and regional technology and industry specialists to support this vision.

About MASE’s O&M Value Proposition

MASE operates, maintains and manages commercial and utility-scale solar PV plants with a combined capacity exceeding 100 MWp of operating assets under management.  Our dedication is to long-term performance and our award-winning operations and maintenance value proposition comprises a turn-key scope covering preventive and corrective maintenance, performance engineering and rehabilitation.

In June 2019, we received the ‘Fastest Growing O&M Service Provider’ award for the MENA region from International Finance Magazine, a leading UK-based industry publication.  In May 2020, we signed an O&M contract to operate and maintain CIM’s Falcon Ma’an Solar PV Plant.

Arabia One Solar PV Plant Officially Inaugurated

Arabia One Inauguration

Arabia One Inauguration 1 Arabia One Inauguration 2

Arabia One Solar PV Plant officially inaugurated under Royal patronage

Ma’an, Jordan – May 2017: MASE is pleased to announce the official inauguration of its flagship solar PV facility — the Arabia One 11.5 MW Solar PV Plant — under the Royal patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein.  The grand ceremony, which was organized by the EDAMA Association, took place within the premises of the Ma’an Development Area (MDA) Solar Park I and comprised the official inauguration of the twelve Round I solar PV projects.

Separate in-person briefings by each of the project developers were given to His Majesty during the 30-minute ceremony.  The briefing provided by the Arabia One team focused on the constructive outcomes of the Arabia One development, including local job creation, skill development and most importantly the conception of bankable local project developers, asset managers and plant operators.  The Arabia One team also elaborated on the continuing activities of Arabia One’s local developer ATC, the only developer to have been successful in both Round I and Round II of the direct proposal program and currently developing the Safawi 50 MW solar PV project in northern Jordan, expected to achieve commercial operation by mid-2018.

About the Arabia One Solar PV Plant

Located in the Ma’an Development Area, the Arabia One 11.52 MWp Solar PV Plant is part of Jordan’s first round Renewable Energy IPP Program, which comprises a total PV capacity of 200 MW and is the first program of its kind in the MENA + GCC region.  Through its group-level equity stake in the Arabia One plant, ATC has led the development of this industry-leading project in partnership with international solar companies and obtained top-tier financing from global development finance institutions such as the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation and Finland’s Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation.

The Arabia One project has been one of the most progressed out of all utility-scale solar projects in Jordan and the MENA + GCC region as a whole.

MASE, along with its O&M partner Alectris, is responsible for managing, operating and maintaining the Arabia One 11.52 MWp Solar PV Plant through a comprehensive and bankable O&M and Asset Management Contract. MASE has been approved as an O&M vendor by the Project’s sponsors, which include international solar companies and global investment firms, and its lenders, including the World Bank’s IFC and FinnFund. MASE currently carries out preventive, corrective and conditional maintenance activities on the Plant, as well as operations and asset management services comprising periodical reporting, real-time monitoring, forecasting and maintenance service management.

Click here for the official inauguration video