MASE Funds Campaign Combating COVID-19 Pandemic in Jordan

Faz3et Shabab

MASE supports the Faz3et Shabab campaign to curb the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Jordan

  • Funding will go towards supporting key campaign initiatives targeting critical front line endeavors in the fight against the Coronovirus pandemic across Jordan
  • The initiative was launched by a group of young Jordanians in support of local efforts being carried out by the healthcare sector and government to contain the novel Coronavirus
  • Initiatives comprise procurement of critical medical and PPE supplies, hygiene kits and sanitary equipment, and direct financial support for vulnerable families impacted by the pandemic

Amman, Jordan – April 2020: MASE has committed funds to support the Faz3et Shabab initiative, a makeshift grassroots campaign that emerged spontaneously in response to the COVID-19 crisis facing Jordan today.  The initiative aims to mobilize individuals and the private sector to support the country at this time of crisis.

The funding is committed by MASE as part of its Advancing Solar Initiative on behalf of its employees and team members, who continue to work on the front lines to ensure that the power plants which we manage are operating with peak performance and availability, generating clean and efficient power to national grids across regions in which we operate.

“We decided to commit funding to the Faz3et Shabab initiative because they proposed a transparent platform which enabled us to understand where our money was spent.  The team behind Faz3et Shabab also proposed uncustomary ideas which aligned with the core values of our Advancing Solar Initiative”, said Tareq Khalifeh, MASE’s Managing Director.



About the MASE Advancing Solar Initiative

The MASE Advancing Solar Initiative is a corporate social responsibility program aimed at advancing MASE’s corporate vision and sustainability values across communities in Jordan and abroad.  The Initiative aims to fund, support, develop and implement clean energy programs within key impoverished communities, social gatherings and education establishments.  The Initiative also aims to spread awareness of solar energy and to provide opportunities for basic solar installation skill development, vocational training and technical coaching.  Additionally, the Initiative aims to supports local and regional efforts addressing a multitude of social and economic impact schemes.

The MASE Advancing Solar Initiative is funded by the company’s own resources and executed by its team.

About the Faz3et Shabab Campaign

Faz3et Shabab is a makeshift grassroots campaign that emerged spontaneously in response to the COVID-19 crisis facing Jordan today.  It aims to mobilize individuals and the private sector to support the country at this time of crisis.

As young Jordanians, living both in the country and abroad, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the efforts being carried out by the healthcare sector and government to contain the novel Coronavirus.

The Faz3et Shabab team and their close families and friends will anchor the campaign with the initial JOD 100,000 of funds.

The campaign will be documented and financially audited to ensure transparency and accountability for all donors.


MASE to Speak at RES4MED B2G Conference


MASE will speak at the Business-to-Government High Level Workshop organized by RES4MED&Africa

Amman, Jordan – March 2019: MASE will be speaking at the high-level business-to-government workshop organized by Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean and Africa (RES4MED&Africa), a regional platform for public-private sector dialogue with a core focus on addressing renewable energy issues across the Middle East and Africa regions.

MASE will be represented by its Managing Director Tareq Khalifeh, who will address a panel of private and public sector speakers.  The focus of the discussions will be on long-term energy strategies as mechanisms to exploiting new business models for an effective integration of renewable energy systems.

The workshop, which will see the participation of Jordan’s Minister of Energy & Mineral Resources and Minister of Water and Irrigation, is expected to avail a platform of open dialogue between key private sector players and high-level public sector decision makers.


About the Workshop

RES4Med&Africa is organizing a high-level Business-to-Government (B2G) workshop focused on the long-term energy strategies and the grid solutions for integrating the renewable energy systems, attracting investments and exploiting the socio-economic benefits of renewables in Jordan.

RES4Med&Africa, with over 7 years of experience in leading policy dialogue, technical support and capacity building activities, is among the only associations active in promoting the uptake of RE investments in Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan African countries and counts on a strong track record in high-level training and Executive Seminars.

MASE to Speak at Amman Tech Tuesdays Solar Edition

AmmanTT Solar

MASE to Present a Model to Enhance Bankability of O&M Contracts in Emerging Markets

MASE is pleased to confirm its participation in Amman Tech Tuesdays’ Solar Edition scheduled to be held at the Zain Innovation Campus ZINC in Amman, Jordan on 4 October 2016.

As Jordan’s leading operator and manager of solar assets and one of the MENA region’s forefront O&M and Asset Management companies, MASE shall present a model to enhance bankability of O&M contracts in emerging markets as well as provide feedback from real-life experience in operating and maintaining utility-scale PV plants.

MASE’s principal O&M and Asset Management portfolio includes 16.5 MWp of installed capacity and 70 MWp of underway developments due to be managed by MASE by 2017.

MASE’s Tareq Khalifeh and Ady Almadanat will be presenting at the event.

About Amman Tech Tuesdays Solar Edition

Amman TT Solar Edition will cover the evolving and growing solar and renewable energy market in Jordan, the region and beyond! As one of the most densely populated solar spots in the world, this edition of Amman Tech Tuesdays will appeal to engineers, technicians and curious enthusiasts as we’ll explore projects, economics and more in the space.