Project Update: Al Safawi Solar PV Project

Tracking Structure

Construction works on Al Safawi 66 MWp Solar PV Project on track for commissioning during Q1 2019

Al Safawi, Jordan – August 2018: Construction works on the Al Safawi 66 MWp Solar PV Plant developed by MASE affiliate ATC are on track for commissioning during the first half of 2019.  Construction on the project, which is located within the Al Safawi village in Mafraq, Jordan began early this year immediately after achieving the Financial Close milestone.

As of the time of this update’s release, most of the major project equipment has arrived on site.  Installation of the single-axis tracking support structure has also begun with significant progress.

The Project is considered one of the highest-profile investments in the Al Safawi region.  The project Sponsor, Al Safawi for Green Energy PSC, has placed a particular importance on the social and economical impact of the Project during construction, resulting in the training and subsequent employment of over 50 residents of the neighboring Al Safawi region.  The Project has also implemented several community-based initiatives.


About the Al Safawi Solar PV Project

The Al Safawi Arabia Two Solar PV Plant, with a capacity of 51 MW (66 MWp), is part of Jordan’s second round Renewable Energy IPP Program.  The project, which was awarded as a result of a record-breaking competitive bidding process, is being co-developed in partnership with a leading international solar development firm. Construction on the project commenced in Q1 2018, with the plant scheduled to be operational by 2019. ATC, MASE’s affiliate development entity which will hold the equity stake in the Al Safawi project, is the only developer to be successfully involved in both rounds of Jordan’s Renewable Energy IPP Program, having previously developed the currently operational Arabia One Solar PV Plant as part of the first round. MASE will provide comprehensive operations & maintenance to the project under a banked O&M contract.