Podcast: Solar O&M in the Middle East

Solar O&M in the Middle East

Solar O&M in the Middle East

MASE participates in the Solar O&M Insider Podcast, the first podcast series dedicated to solar PV operations, maintenance and asset management.

The podcast, organized by MASE’s global O&M partner Alectris, featured MASE’s Director of Operations Tareq Khalifeh and Alectris’ Emanuele Tacchino, who heads up Business Development in Western Europe and the Middle East.

This episode of the Solar O&M Insider features:

  • Insider Views of Middle East Solar Industry Trends
  • Need for Independent O&M Contractors More Significant in Middle East
  • Alectris and MASE – An Emerging Market Alliance Model
  • Gigawatts of Solar Driving Accelerated Schedule for O&M Market Expertise
  • Arabia One Solar Project Illustrates Integrated O&M to Enhance Bankability
  • Solar O&M, Asset Management Event Presentation
  • Solar O&M and Project Bankability
  • Applying New O&M Standardization Efforts to Middle East Solar Market
  • “Bankability is at the Heart of these Projects”
  • The Middle East Solar Project Operating Environment

To access the podcast recording and for a full transcript of the episode, please log on to the dedicated link.