MESIA Solar Awards 2015 – The Winners

MASE Energy MESIA Solar Awards Winner 2015

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Utility Scale Solar Project

ACWA Power – UAE, Dubai

  • Senior Financing for Noor II and Noor III for CSP projects
  • Total of 1,600 MUSD Financing provided by MASEN
  • The loan is split in three tranches USD, EUR and MAD
  • Financing concluded within four months which is extremely fast
  • Noor II and Noor III have been globally recognized as a benchmark for future CSP
  • MASEN planning to announce two new solar plants of 500 MW each
  • Noor II and Noor III will be the largest CSP solar complex in the world and will reduce the global cost curve by 3%
  • Local procurement of the project is expected to stimulate development of Morocco’s industrial base, create jobs and bring socio-economic benefits.

Small scale project

MiccGreen Tec Solar Systems LLC – UAE, Dubai

• KHK Scaffolding Industries wanted to change their diesel generator run labour camp to solar to avoid noise and pollution.
• MiccGreen Tec provided a solution which consisted of installing 56 kWp of PV solar panels, a 50 kW MICC and 228.6 kWh of battery storage
• This project is also awarded as the Solar project of the year 2015 by Middle East Electricity and was covered in Major news papers
• This is the first time in the world that a labour camp operates independently in off-grid mode completely on solar

Roof Top Solar Projects

MASE Energy – Jordan, Amman

  • The project consists of rooftop PV installs on 400 low-income households with a total capacity of 600 kWp and individual capacities ranging from 1kWp to 2 kWp installations
  • The project, which is co-funded by Mercy Corps and the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’ Fund for Renewable Energy & energy Efficiency (JREEEF), is being implemented in its totality by MASE, a full-service power systems provider.
  • The project will result directly in capacity building, lowering or eliminate the electricity cost on up to 400 families (up to 1000 individuals)

Policy Maker

DEWA – UAE, Dubai

  • Significantly increased targets for solar in Dubai mix, from 1% to 7% by 2020 and from 5% to 15% by 2030. DEWA also signaled its strong commitment to these targets and moved towards their implementation plan securing extension of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, which has now a planned capacity of 3,000MW by 2030.
  • Launched in March 2015 the Shams Dubai initiative allowing customers to install PV panels at their premises and connect to DEWA’s grid under a net metering scheme. First such scheme in GCC, supports a number of policy objectives:
  • a. H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Dubai Smart City vision;
  • b. Green Economy for Sustainable Development initiative;
  • c. UAE agenda 2021 objectives to increases share of clean energy and improve air quality;
  • d. DSCE ( Dubai Supreme Council of Energy) 2030 energy diversification strategy;
  • e. DSCE carbon abatement strategy.
  • The increased solar targets provide the industry certainty of a significant project pipeline in Dubai to 2030

Utility Company

DEWA – UAE, Dubai

  • 2015 has been a defining year in DEWA’s accomplishments related to solar
  • Increasing the target for renewable energy in the mix, from 1% to 7% by 2020 and from 5% to 15% by 2030, also extending the planned capacity at Solar Park to 3,000MW by 2030.
  • Launching the Shams Dubai initiative, allowing customers to install solar PV at their premises connecting to DEWA’s grid under a net metering scheme.
  • DEWA achievements are a game changer for the solar industry in the Middle East
  • The continuous large scale IPP procurement and increased targets will ensure a significant pipeline of utility scale developments.
  • The extremely competitive terms achieved in the PPA set a precedent that triggered increased interest towards solar by other regional utilities and Governments
  • Shams Dubai fostered the development of rooftop solar in Dubai (~30 contractors enrolled, ~50 manufactured registered, a number of developers looking at the opportunity), and provides a blueprint for others to replicate in the region

Manufacturing Project

DUSOL Industries – UAE, Dubai

  • First and only PV modules manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing PV modules in DUBAI
  • Products are specifically designed for use in small off grid application with COMPLETE AUTOMATION
  • Modules of sizes as low as 40W are made on machines that avoids human errors and assures highest quality and workmanship
  • DUSOL, as made conscious effort to bridge the gap in quality between panels used in power plants and off grid small home systems

Solar Product Innovation

Pak Agro Tech – Pakistan, Islamabad

  • Have innovated PC pump for shallow depth
  • Targeting farmers who are cultivating crops on water table less than 50 Feet depth in Punjab and KPK provinces in Pakistan
  • Successful done test trails for Grid- Tie Systems for its execution in Pakistan
  • have installed approx 300 Solar water pumps in the industry & installed Household Solar System including 1KVA to 50 KVA of different specification in the market
 Pak Agro Tech

Solar System Innovation

GlassPoint Solar – USA, Fermont

  • GlassPoint’s innovation is unlocking new market opportunities for concentrated solar power (CSP) in heavy industrial markets, such as oil and gas
  • The Middle East experiences high winds and soiling rates that can range from 10 to 30 times greater than in California and Europe
  • To overcome this challenge, GlassPoint brought together a proven parabolic trough, a commercial greenhouse structure and standard oilfield components used in commercial EOR operations today
  • The greenhouse structure reduces costs and improves performance
  • The glasshouse protects the solar array from harsh desert conditions so lightweight and inexpensive components can be used inside

Commercial Consultant Advisor

KPMG Lower Gulf – UAE, Dubai

  • Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) has identified solar as an important part of its portfolio of energy generation.
  • DEWA appointed KPMG lead advisory team
  • The advisers were given a tight timeline of 12 months to help select the IPP developed and achieve financial closure
  • Being the first IPP in Dubai, the 200MW DEWA Solar IPP Phase II project is the largest utility-scale solar plant in the world competitively tendered in a single phase, and the first and largest in the Middle East
  • This project led to an announcement of several solar projects in the region and the DEWA project has become a globally recognized case study. DEWA too has launched an even more ambitious project for setting up of an 800 MW PV IPP project.

Solar Energy Picture

Enerwhere – UAE, Dubai

  • The picture was taken on the construction site of The Heart of Europe (THOE), one of the islands on the World islands in Dubai.
  • Like most islands in the Middle East, power was initially supplied by diesel generators, at very high fuel, transportation and labor costs. The project was contracted and deployed within less than 3 months.
  • Enerwhere offered The Heart of Europe a temporary power supply for its construction site on a monthly rental basis, and implemented a 25 kWp solar-battery hybrid system on Germany Island