MASE Team Member Research Paper Published in Science Direct


Science Direct publishes research article co-authored by MASE’s Aya Al-Hmoud

The Internet – July 2019: Science Direct, a leading publisher of scientific and research content, has published a research paper titled ‘Comparative CFD analysis of thermal energy storage materials in photovoltaic/thermal panels’.  The article was co-authored by MASE’s Aya Al-Hmoud (Design & Analysis Engineer) who conducted research and developed findings during her time completing her Master’s of Science degree in Renewable Energy Systems Engineering from University of Surrey in 2018.

At MASE, Aya is responsible for designing commercial and industrial solar PV systems and analyzing the performance of operational solar PV assets as part of the Company’s operations and maintenance value proposition.

The research article is organized into four main sections.  The authors use a transient Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation to compare the performance of desert sand to that of well-established phase-change materials used in photovoltaic/thermal systems. The simulation gives as a result the temperature profiles within the device as well as the time evolution of the charge/discharge cycles when using PCMs. The results show the suitability of desert sand as a thermal storage material to be used in photovoltaic/thermal systems.

The research article can be accessed through the following link.