MASE Awarded O&M Contract for 66.69 MWp Solar PV Project


MASE to operate and maintain one of region’s largest solar plants 

Amman, Jordan – 18 September 2017:  MASE, a regional solar O&M and Asset Management firm, has signed the contract for the turn-key operations and maintenance of the Al Safawi Solar PV Plant with an installed capacity of 66.69 MWp.  The project, which has recently achieved financial close, is developed by a consortium consisting of Arabia Trading & Consulting (ATC), a leading Jordanian solar developer, and Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), a leading global utility-scale solar developer.  The project is financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO).

With an installed capacity of 66.69 MWp, the Al Safawi Solar PV Plant will be constructed in Safawi, a region north of Jordan.  The facility will incorporate single-axis tracking technology and more than 200,000 monocrystalline photovoltaic panels.  In addition to its existing bankable operations and maintenance framework, MASE intends to utilize the most progressive technology to perform its activities, including cutting-edge cleaning robots and drone-supported diagnostic equipment.

Tareq Khalifeh, MASE’s Director of Operations, said: “Because of its location and complexity, the addition of the Al Safawi Solar PV Plant capacity to our asset portfolio will greatly enhance the operational diversity of our operations and maintenance activities.  We are also proud to have been vetted and approved by top-rated developers and leading financial institutions such as EBRD and FMO, serving as testament to the bankability and competitiveness of our solar O&M value proposition.  The MASE team is looking forward to operating the Al Safawi Solar PV Plant and working with the local community in Safawi and the surrounding region to enhance the social impact of our forthcoming activities through a tailored training and employment program as part of our MASE Advancing Solar CSR Initiative launched earlier this year.  We also thank the project sponsors for the trust they have placed in our capabilities and their commitment towards involving local companies in the development of Jordan’s solar energy sector.”

With the addition of the Al Safawi Solar PV Plant capacity, MASE’s utility-scale solar assets under management will exceed 80 MWp of project-financed installed capacity.

About MASE

MASE was established by the Arabia Group of Companies, to lead clean energy development in Jordan and the MENA+GCC region.  Specializing in turnkey operation, maintenance and management of retail and utility-scale solar facilities, MASE is an award-winning solar O&M and Asset Management firm.  In total the firm has a portfolio of over 80 MWp of installed or projected plants under asset care.  MASE’s activities have received several awards and recognitions from the Middle East Solar Industries Association (MESIA) and the Intersolar Middle East seminar.

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MASE CSR Initiative Launched with Funding of Solar Installation

School Rooftop PV

Ghaza School for Girls 4 Ghaza School for Girls 2

MASE CSR initiative launches with the funding and implementation of a 5 kW rooftop solar PV system for a public school 

Amman, Jordan – July 2017: MASE is pleased to announce the launch of the MASE Advancing Solar CSR Initiative with the funding and implementation of a solar PV rooftop installation with a total capacity of 5 kW installed at the Gaza Secondary School for Girls in the city of Jerash, Jordan .  The solar installation, which was jointly funded by MASE and the IEEE’s Engineering Projects in Community Service Program (EPICS) will generate enough clean energy to offset a monthly average of 750 kWh to meet the school’s electricity requirements.

The solar facility is powered by polycrystalline solar PV modules and connected to the grid through high-efficiency micro-inverters.  The equipment is supported by a specialized aluminum support structure.  MASE’s Operations & Maintenance team will be managing the solar installation to ensure peak performance.

About the MASE Advancing Solar Initiative

The MASE Advancing Solar Initiative is a corporate social responsibility program aimed at advancing MASE’s corporate vision and sustainability values across communities in Jordan and abroad.  The Initiative aims to fund, support, develop and implement solar energy facilities within key impoverished communities, social gatherings and education establishments.  The Initiative also aims to spread awareness of solar energy and to provide opportunities for basic solar installation skill development, vocational training and technical coaching.

The MASE Advancing Solar Initiative is funded by the company’s own resources and executed by its team.

Arabia One Solar PV Plant Officially Inaugurated

Arabia One Inauguration

Arabia One Inauguration 1 Arabia One Inauguration 2

Arabia One Solar PV Plant officially inaugurated under Royal patronage

Ma’an, Jordan – May 2017: MASE is pleased to announce the official inauguration of its flagship solar PV facility — the Arabia One 11.5 MW Solar PV Plant — under the Royal patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein.  The grand ceremony, which was organized by the EDAMA Association, took place within the premises of the Ma’an Development Area (MDA) Solar Park I and comprised the official inauguration of the twelve Round I solar PV projects.

Separate in-person briefings by each of the project developers were given to His Majesty during the 30-minute ceremony.  The briefing provided by the Arabia One team focused on the constructive outcomes of the Arabia One development, including local job creation, skill development and most importantly the conception of bankable local project developers, asset managers and plant operators.  The Arabia One team also elaborated on the continuing activities of Arabia One’s local developer ATC, the only developer to have been successful in both Round I and Round II of the direct proposal program and currently developing the Safawi 50 MW solar PV project in northern Jordan, expected to achieve commercial operation by mid-2018.

About the Arabia One Solar PV Plant

Located in the Ma’an Development Area, the Arabia One 11.52 MWp Solar PV Plant is part of Jordan’s first round Renewable Energy IPP Program, which comprises a total PV capacity of 200 MW and is the first program of its kind in the MENA + GCC region.  Through its group-level equity stake in the Arabia One plant, ATC has led the development of this industry-leading project in partnership with international solar companies and obtained top-tier financing from global development finance institutions such as the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation and Finland’s Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation.

The Arabia One project has been one of the most progressed out of all utility-scale solar projects in Jordan and the MENA + GCC region as a whole.

MASE, along with its O&M partner Alectris, is responsible for managing, operating and maintaining the Arabia One 11.52 MWp Solar PV Plant through a comprehensive and bankable O&M and Asset Management Contract. MASE has been approved as an O&M vendor by the Project’s sponsors, which include international solar companies and global investment firms, and its lenders, including the World Bank’s IFC and FinnFund. MASE currently carries out preventive, corrective and conditional maintenance activities on the Plant, as well as operations and asset management services comprising periodical reporting, real-time monitoring, forecasting and maintenance service management.

Click here for the official inauguration video

MASE Participates in the CMS 2017 Careers Day



MASE participates in CMS and Bishop’s School 2017 Career’s Day

Amman, Jordan – May 2017: MASE is pleased to announce that it has participated in the Ahliyyah School for Girls (CMS) and Bishop’s School for Boys (Bishop’s School) 2017 Careers Day which took place on CMS premises on Saturday 06 May 2017 and saw the participation of students from both the CMS and Bishop’s schools as well as examples of Jordan’s leading companies.

The 45-minute MASE workshop was carried out by Project Coordinator Sonia Al Zoghoul and was aimed at preparing high-school students for careers in renewable energy.  The session provided the students with real-world examples from a career in solar energy, project implementation, project management as well as an account of Sonia’s own experience with MASE and careers in the renewable energy field in general.  The session also provided CMS and Bishop’s School students with the tools they need to prepare for an education in renewable energy as well as career tips to establish their long-term goals.

MASE looks forward to continued participation in career events organized by CMS and is currently considering several CMS and Bishop’s School candidates for its MASE Summer Internship Program 2017 intake.

About the MASE Summer Internship Program

The MASE Summer Internship Program is a three-month intensive training program aimed at high-school and university students with interest in renewable energy and with a focus on solar.  The Program is designed to compliment classroom education by providing participants with a comprehensive on-the-job experience within an award-winning corporate environment.  The competitive Program and has attracted participation from local Jordanian, regional and international schools and universities including the Hashemite University, University of Jordan, German Jordanian University, Purdue University, Northeastern University, Georgia Tech, Imperial College of London, Coventry University and others.  Applications are submitted through the MASE Career’s Page.

MASE Participates in EPICS Energy Efficiency Training


MASE provides energy efficiency and NEEAP training to university students as part of EPICS in collaboration with IEEE

Amman, Jordan – April 2017: MASE’s Sonia Al Zoghoul (Project Coordinator) has participated in the Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program administered in collaboration with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE Jordan chapter) providing training on energy efficiency and national energy efficiency plans to a group of university students.

The program, which also sees the involvement of IndyAct, the Regional Center for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) and the Arab Program for Sustainable Energy Youth (APSEY) is aimed at educating and engaging the youth in the ever-growing regional sustainable energy sector.

About the EPICS training program

The training program focuses on topics such as the national energy and energy efficiency action plans and topics surrounding energy efficiency in the Middle East region.

MASE Completes EMRC Licensing with Class A Grading


MASE receives Class A ESP licensing from the EMRC 

Amman, Jordan – 02 March 2017: MASE is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed its Energy Service Provider (ESP) licensing application, receiving the highest-category Class A license issued by Jordan’s Energy & Mineral’s Regulatory Commission (EMRC). The Class A category is the highest of the three-tiered EMRC licensing program and is awarded following a comprehensive evaluation of references, modus-operandi, company structure, financial capability and team qualifications.

As a Class A licensed firm, MASE is accredited to design, implement, commission and operate solar PV projects with no limitation on the installed capacity, whereas lower-grade licenses (Class B and Class C) place a cap on the project size (1 MWp and 100 kWp respectively).


About the License

EMRC’s ESP licensing program launched in 2016 as an effort to regulate Jordan’s quickly-expanding solar energy sector by accrediting and categorizing downstream service providers (solar engineers, designers, installers and operators). The licensing program requires firms to submit comprehensive applications, covering their technical, financial and human resource capabilities as well as project reference documentation. The EMRC ESP licensing program places firms into one of three categories – Class A, B and C – as a result of its evaluation of the firm’s capabilities. Firms granted Class A licensing are able to implement solar projects with no cap on the project size, while Class B and Class C licencees are only authorized to be involved in projects with sizes capped at 1 MWp and 100 kWp respectively.

About the EMRC

The Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) is the official regulator of Jordan’s energy and mineral sectors.  The EMRC is a governmental body that possess a legal personality with financial and administrative independence and is considered the legal successor of the Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC) and the Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission (JNRC) and the Natural Resources Authority (NRA) in relation to its regulatory tasks according to law No. (17) for the year ( 2014 ) regarding the restructuring of institutions and governmental organizations. 

MASE Announces Retail Collaboration with CAB


MASE teams up with Cairo Amman Bank to offer retail solar PV financing packages

Amman, Jordan – February 2017: MASE has teamed up with Cairo Amman Bank (CAB), a leading Jordanian bank, to offer turn-key solar PV packages at a financing rate of zero percent. The product is available to households, businesses and SMEs with immediate access.

While CAB will be responsible for managing and vetting applications and issuing the clean-tech loans, MASE, as the nominated DBOM contractor, will be providing its award-winning solar PV solutions using cutting-edge technology and industry-leading resources.  MASE’s O&M team will ensure the long-term productivity of the installations.

About MASE’s Retail Operations

MASE offers households and businesses award-winning turn-key clean energy solutions including solar and wind energy. MASE helps its clients reduce their dependence on traditional electricity sources through sustainable and predictable renewable energies.  A flagship in MASE’s retail portfolio is a 600+ kWp Solar PV Rooftop Project implemented in its totality by MASE under a turnkey EPC and O&M contract.  The project was funded by Jordan’s Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources’ Jordan Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Fund (JREEEF) and USAID for installations on 400+ households at multi-locations in Jordan.  MASE’s retail operations were awarded MESIA’s 2015 Rooftop Project of the Year and have been shortlisted for the Intersolar 2016 Outstanding Project of the Year.

About CAB

The Cairo Amman Bank is a full-service bank in Jordan and Palestine, with head office in Amman. The head office for the Palestinian territories is in Ramallah. The bank operates about 84 branches and offices in Jordan and 21 in the Palestinian territories. CAB currently ranks sixth in Jordan and third in the Palestinian territories based on assets. It is also ranked third in the Palestinian territories based on the number of branches it has.


Podcast: Solar O&M in the Middle East

Solar O&M in the Middle East

Solar O&M in the Middle East

MASE participates in the Solar O&M Insider Podcast, the first podcast series dedicated to solar PV operations, maintenance and asset management.

The podcast, organized by MASE’s global O&M partner Alectris, featured MASE’s Director of Operations Tareq Khalifeh and Alectris’ Emanuele Tacchino, who heads up Business Development in Western Europe and the Middle East.

This episode of the Solar O&M Insider features:

  • Insider Views of Middle East Solar Industry Trends
  • Need for Independent O&M Contractors More Significant in Middle East
  • Alectris and MASE – An Emerging Market Alliance Model
  • Gigawatts of Solar Driving Accelerated Schedule for O&M Market Expertise
  • Arabia One Solar Project Illustrates Integrated O&M to Enhance Bankability
  • Solar O&M, Asset Management Event Presentation
  • Solar O&M and Project Bankability
  • Applying New O&M Standardization Efforts to Middle East Solar Market
  • “Bankability is at the Heart of these Projects”
  • The Middle East Solar Project Operating Environment

To access the podcast recording and for a full transcript of the episode, please log on to the dedicated link.

MASE to Speak at Amman Tech Tuesdays Solar Edition

AmmanTT Solar

MASE to Present a Model to Enhance Bankability of O&M Contracts in Emerging Markets

MASE is pleased to confirm its participation in Amman Tech Tuesdays’ Solar Edition scheduled to be held at the Zain Innovation Campus ZINC in Amman, Jordan on 4 October 2016.

As Jordan’s leading operator and manager of solar assets and one of the MENA region’s forefront O&M and Asset Management companies, MASE shall present a model to enhance bankability of O&M contracts in emerging markets as well as provide feedback from real-life experience in operating and maintaining utility-scale PV plants.

MASE’s principal O&M and Asset Management portfolio includes 16.5 MWp of installed capacity and 70 MWp of underway developments due to be managed by MASE by 2017.

MASE’s Tareq Khalifeh and Ady Almadanat will be presenting at the event.

About Amman Tech Tuesdays Solar Edition

Amman TT Solar Edition will cover the evolving and growing solar and renewable energy market in Jordan, the region and beyond! As one of the most densely populated solar spots in the world, this edition of Amman Tech Tuesdays will appeal to engineers, technicians and curious enthusiasts as we’ll explore projects, economics and more in the space.


MASE wins Gold at Intersolar Middle East 2016

MASE wins Gold at Intersolar

MASE team reaps highest-category award at Intersolar Middle East 2016

Dubai, UAE – 19 September 2016: MASE’s Director of Operations, Tareq Khalifeh, has won the Middle East Solar Industry Association’s (MESIA) Solar Pioneers 2016 Gold Award presented at Intersolar Middle East 2016 Global Solar Leaders’ Summit Opening Ceremony.

The Solar Pioneers awards (bronze, silver and gold) are presented to three young solar leaders and innovators drawn from across the Middle East, prudently selected by a jury comprising of seasoned solar industry professionals, academics and representatives from the public sector including DEWA and the UAE Ministry of Energy.  Solar Pioneers are recognized for their proven track record and for demonstrating impact in leading the growth of solar across the MENA region and exemplifying the qualities of innovation, long term vision and leadership.

A Jordanian, Tareq is the only Arab recognized as a Solar Pioneer at the Intersolar Middle East 2016 event.  Tareq reaped the Gold award.


About Tareq Khalifeh, MASE Director of Operations

Tareq co-founded MASE in 2013 following a career in consulting and serves as the Company’s Director of Operations, responsible for its day-to-day management, operations and development.  Tareq has led the development of Jordan’s first major solar IPP to be connected to the national grid – the Arabia One 11.52 MWp solar PV plant currently operational in Ma’an.  At various levels, Tareq has been actively involved in the development of over 70 MWp of installed or underway solar developments.

Tareq holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University in the US and an MSc in Energy Trade and Finance from Cass University in London.


About the Solar Pioneers 2016 Award

MESIA’s mandate is to promote solar power across the Middle East. Achieving this goal involves working closely with the leaders in the solar power sector, both at the government and grass-roots level. To help nurture future generations of solar leaders, this year MESIA has partnered with Intersolar Middle East to put in place the 4th edition of the Solar Pioneers recognition Ceremony.