Amman’s First Wind Turbine

BeAmman MASE Wind Project

Post originally published by BeAmman.

We like to keep you posted on everything that happens around Amman, today (Dec 2 2013) we got news that Amman just got its first wind turbine!

BeAmman is a supporter of clean renewable energy which gives Jordan energy security and independence, and decreases pollution.

Modern Arabia Solar Energy (MASE) has sent us the following: “We have completed the installation of our 3.5kW fully-operational wind turbine. This is Amman’s first grid-connected wind turbine. The turbine will feed clean energy into the national grid and in return reflect monetary savings on its owner’s monthly electricity bill. This is our first wind turbine installation and we hope to able to raise enough awareness of the practical advantages of clean energy through this flagship project.  We are involved in a large-scale (10MW) photovoltaic solar power plant in Ma’an.”

This is not a paid advertisement – We are super excited about this news & look forward to seeing more renewable energy sources around Amman & the kingdom.

Go green #JO